Yes, it is a jungle out there!

In jungle law, the strong creature will devour the weak one. The animals must be on guard against predators at all times. Traps and hardships are not only found in the wilds of the African jungle, but also in the modern business world. Everyone is just trying to survive.

Contrary to widespread opinion, we think that such ecosystems as the jungle and modern business can best function through interaction, adaptation and symbiotic relationships. Accordingly, TalkShop Africa™ gives young people in Tanzania a chance to break fresh ground and enter new economic survival territory. We support them in exploring their business ideas and generating income — our goal is to help them develop a sense for cooperation and coopetition.

TalkShop Africa™ is looking for sponsors who are ready to support ambitious and gifted African youngsters who want to build a business and connect with the world.

What is innovative and unique about TalkShop Africa™ is that you can directly witness how your donation helps to improve the situation of the youth. TalkShop Africa ™  makes the business and language coaching process that is provided through your help to young people fully transparent.

You can be the first to provide real help to underprivileged youth through business and language coaching — if you want to be part of an innovative movement and support young Africans in doing real and sustainable business and surviving in the jungle, send an email to cmerl@talkshop.cc

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